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secondary social-studies

Conceptual Framework > Syllabi > Secondary Education - Social Studies


Program Sequence - BS Social Studies

Program Sequence - BA History / BS Social Studies

EDLT 302 Electronic Literacy

LTEL 201 Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners

LTET 101 Instructional Technology I

LTET 102 Instructional Technology II

LTFL 101 Intro to the Tchg Profession

LTFL 102 SL Ethics, Educ. & the Tchg. Prof.

LTFL 181 Cohort Experience (not available)

LTFL 182 Cohort Experience (not available)

LTFL 192 Field Experience (not available)

LTFL 201W Ed Psych I: Lrng, Develop., & Mot.

LTFL 202W Ed Psych II: Class. Leadership, Assessment & Evaluation

LTFL 204 Social Justice in Ed. Settings (TASJ)

LTFL 281 Cohort Experience (not available)

LTFL 282 Cohort Experience (not available)

LTFL 291 Field Experience (not available)

LTFL 292 Field Experience (not available)

LTSP 201 Fdns. of Inclusive Ed.Practice

LTSP 301 Exploring Incl. Tchg. Supports

LTSP 401 Adapt. Strat. for Sec. Incl. Prog.

LTxx 301 Content Area Reading

LTxx 346 Tchg. Secondary Social Studies

LTxx 398 Field Exp. - Content Area Rdg. (not available)

LTxx 399 Field Exp. - Tchg. Methods (not available)

LTxx 492 Student Teaching



Program Sequence

GESL 501 Helping English Language Learners in Mainstream Classes

GFDE 510 Theories of the Teaching and Learning Process

GRLA 529 Reading in the Secondary Schools

GSCE 500 Orientation TO THE GSLTP (not available)

GSCE 520 Introduction to Teaching

GSCE 570 Gateway 1: Technology

GSCE 571 Gateway 2: Diversity (not available)

GSCE 572 Gateway 3: Readiness for Student Teaching (not available)

GSCE 573 Gateway 4: Leadership (not available)

GSCE 583 Field Experience (not available)

GSCE 590 Secondary School Student Teaching Experience

GSCE 593 Secondary Methods Field Experience (not available)

GSCE 631 Instructional Techniques (not available)

GSCE 634 Teaching Secondary Social Studies

GSPE 501 Exploring Inclusive Teaching Supports

GSPE 502 Legal and Ethical Issues in Special Education

GSPE 655 Secondary Practices and Transitions