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Mission and Goals

The Center for Advancing the Study of Teaching and Learning promotes systematic and intentional inquiry into the teaching-learning process and, through careful and collegial study of learning-centered environments, seeks to advance the understanding and dissemination of evidence-based study of the teaching-learning process in service of all learners.

To promote its mission, CASTL intentionally pursues the following goals:

  • Promote socially just, learning-centered environments that bring excellence and equity to all learners;
  • Foster systematic and intentional inquiry into the beliefs that educators hold about educational theory and research and effective practice;
  • Honor research, theory, and practice as legitimate and complementary sources of knowledge regarding the teaching-learning process;
  • Elevate professional learning and educational practice to the level of scholarship;
  • Advance the conceptual framework of leadership as learning;
  • Develop a knowledge network fueled by researchers, theorists and practitioners who contribute to advancing the study of the teaching-learning process;
  • Establish and perpetuate an international community of teacher-scholars representing a variety of teaching and learning environments;
  • Promote and coordinate communication within a network of educational institutions and organizations that collaborate in the recruitment and education of teacher-scholars;
  • Create a culture of professional learning based on research situated in schools and in other learning environments;
  • Examine and develop methodologies by which the teaching-learning process is studied;
  • Advocate for the enhancement of the teaching-learning process in service of all learners;
  • Share what is learned about the teaching-learning process.