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Sophomore Gateway

During Semester Four of the Leading Teacher Program, you will submit a formal application for admittance to the Professional Educator Certification Track (PECT). While in the PECT, you will focus more specifically on your area of certification. The process of formally applying provides you with the opportunity to gain an understanding of presenting your professional credentials as part of a professional community. Additionally, the sophomore gateway serves as ongoing assessment of the Leading Teacher Program.

To be considered for admittance to the PECT, you will demonstrate progress toward meeting the competencies of the LTP. Those competencies are represented by your success on the PAPA exams and your QPA. In addition, you will be asked to provide a brief statement evaluating your own development of knowledge, skills, and dispositions as related to each of the themes and domains of the Leading Teacher Program. The application process consists of three phases.

Please read the important letter below prior to completing the application and essay for admittance to the Professional Educator Certification Track (PECT). 

Phase One:
The letter of application will ask you to provide evidence of passing scores on the Pre-Professional Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA) Exams by Pearson's currently required by the Commonwealth of PA. For thoseIf you have not taken ANY of your professional exams, then you need to see Mr. Michael Dolinger immediately.

The required PAPA tests for PreK-4, 4-8, Secondary, and K-12 certification areas include: PAPA Module 1 Reading, PAPA Module 2 Mathematics, and PAPA Module 3 Writing.

For K-12 certification area BCIT or Latin, you must also demonstrate a passing score on the Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge exam by ETS.

Submitted applications will automatically go to Student and Academic Services. Please be sure to print a copy for your own records.

Phase Two:
After your formal application is submitted, the advisors in Student and Academic Services will review and verify the information including your overall QPA. You must have at least a 3.00 overall QPA. If you are a secondary education major, your content area QPA will be verified as a checkpoint as it must be a 3.00 by the time you student teach.

** If you do not believe you will have a 3.00 QPA at the end of spring semester, you should still apply for admission to the PECT. There are several courses of action that you can take if this is your situation. Apply first, and then after a decision is made about your application, you can talk to an academic advisor.

Phase Three:
The LTP Director will review each application with the academic advisors to make a determination of admittance into the Professional Educator Certification Track (PECT). Letters will be sent from the admitting PECT either admitting you into the PECT or stating the deficiencies in your application. If deficiencies are found in meeting the requirements for admission into the PECT, you must meet with your academic advisor. After reviewing your situation, you will be provided with a process for responding to the deficiencies in your application.

In addition, you will need to submit Act 33, Act 34, and Act 114 Clearances, as well as a current TB test, for the 2013-2014 academic year. No later than August 26, 2013 (first day of classes), you will need to present copies of these clearances to Cindy Cafaro in Student and Academic Services in 214 Canevin Hall. These clearances will be good for one year from date of issuance (not application). If these clearances are not on file by August 26th, 2013, you will not be permitted to start fall classes. Everyone must submit clearances by this date.
If you have any questions about the process or about your eligibility to apply for admission to the Professional Educator Certification Track, you should contact the appropriate program director.

We wish you success through this process.

Dr. Karen Levitt
Director, Leading Teacher Program