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Basic Skills Testing Options

Mixed Score Option

You are required to pass the Basic Skills Tests for Sophomore Gateway and certification, you may combine reading, writing and mathematics module scores from different test providers to meet the basic skills requirements.  You must meet the passing score listed for each module.  A composite score is not available when scores are mixed.  

  • Effective March 2016, candidates may combine individual tests from different vendors to meet the basic skills requirement. The policy is retroactive for all open applications.

1. SAT*

  • A score of 500 or higher in each individual section - Critical Reading, Writing, Mathematics.  There is no composite scoring option.
SAT  Minimum Score Per Section Minimum Combined Score
SAT Critical Reading, Mathematics, & Writing (prior to 3/1/16) Critical Reading - 500 1500
Mathematics - 500
Writing - 500

2. The American College Test (ACT)*

  • Tests taken prior to September 2015 require a composite score of 23 accompanied by a combined English/Writing score of 22 or higher and a Math score of 21 or higher.
  • Tests taken after September 2015 require separate scores of Reading - 22; Mathematics - 21; and Writing - 21.
ACT Minimum Score per Section Minimum Combined Score
ACT English/Writing & Mathematics (prior to 9/1/2015) English/Writing - 22 23
Mathematics - 21
ACT English/Writing & Mathematics (after 9/1/2015) Reading -  22
Writing - 21
Mathematics - 21

*Request Official Test Scores - SAT or ACT

If Duquesne University did not receive your official test scores directly from the testing vendor, then scores must be obtained from College Board or ACT.  Scores that were submitted to Duquesne via your high school transcript are not considered official, per PDE. 

  1. Please follow the step-by-step instructions when contacting CollegeBoard or Act.
  2. Official test scores must be sent to the student in an envelope sealed by the vendor. Do not have them sent to Duquesne University.
  3. Students should forward their unopened, official scores to the Student and Academic Services office in 214 Canevin Hall, attention: Lisa Patrick.

3. PRAXIS/ETS CORE Academic Skills for Educators

As of June 20, 2014, PDE released a new option for an assessment of basic skills given by Educational Testing Services (ETS).
Scoring: Straight or Composite Methods

ETS/CORE Academic Test Number Straight Passing Score Minimum Composite Score
Reading 5712 156 148
Writing 5722 162 158
Mathematics 5732 142 132

Composite Score Method for CORE Tests: If the sum of your reading, writing & mathematics total 467 or higher
AND each module's score meets the minimum composite score above, you meet the basic skills requirement.

4. Pre-service Academic Performance Assessments (PAPA)

  • Scoring: Straight or Composite Methods
PAPA Test Number Passing Score Minimum Composite Score
Reading 8001 220 193
Mathematics 8002 193 176*
Writing 8003 220 192

Composite Score Method for PAPA Tests: If the sum of your reading, mathematics & writing modules total 657 or higher AND each module's core meets the minimum composite score above, you meet the basic skills requirement. 

*A score of 174 from candidates accepted into an educator certification program prior to 8/31/2016.