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PAPA Scoring

Scoring: Straight or Composite Methods


I. Straight Scoring Method:
**PAPA (Pre-service Academic Performance Assessments) are required for all certification programs**

Min Score Required:

      1.  PAPA Reading 220
      2. PAPA Math 220
      3. PAPA Writing 220

II. Composite Scoring Method: 2 step process allowing lower individual test scores BUT a higher total score than the Straight Scoring Method

**PAPA tests are required for all certification programs** (same 3 tests as straight scoring method)

Step #1:  Meet minimum individual score for each PAPA test (different from above)

Min Score Required (different from above min straight score)

    1. PAPA Reading 193
    2. PAPA Math 197
    3. PAPA Writing 192

 Step #2:  Meet a minimum total score for the combined 3 PAPA tests = 686.

This is NOT the same as the total of the above scores. To pass composite method you must meet the following three requirements:

  1. Meet the new min individual scores PLUS
  2. Score 220 in one area PLUS
  3. Meet the higher total score of the 3 tests = 686. This allows you to compensate for a lower score in one test with a higher score in another.