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Student Teaching Requirements

All of the requirements listed below MUST BE MET and ALL MATERIALS MUST BE on file with the Office of Student Teaching and Field Placements in G4 Canevin Hall before a student teaching placement will be confirmed for you.

To apply for student teaching, students must attend one of the Student Teaching Informational Meetings held each January. Please e-mail the student teaching office to place your name on a student e-mail list to ensure that you receive information about upcoming Student Teaching Informational Meetings.

You must have list a working and valid email address on all paperwork. Email is the primary form of communication and using your DUQ email is required. Please check it often and make sure that it is working at all times.

1. You must be officially registered for a credited course titled "student teaching", "practicum" or "internship." Credits will vary based on your undergraduate or graduate status. Please see your advisor for registration codes.

2. Fill out a placement application (ST 16). Please be sure to note any special requirements, any preferences, additional helpful information. Use the back of the form if necessary. Please be as specific as possible.

3. Complete three typed copies of the Autobiographical Data Form (ST 17). Please do not staple these forms, rather paper clip them and submit with ST 16 Application. Please fill out the Autobiographical Data Form entirely and be as specific as possible. Please proofread, and check spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. These forms will be reviewed by the Student Teaching Office as they are sent to school administrators to assist in placing you with an appropriate cooperating teacher. If your professional goals or any other entry have spelling errors or are otherwise not acceptable you will be notified and must resubmit an updated copy. (Note: Handwritten copies will not be accepted.)

4. Faculty Recommendations

All Undergraduate PreK-4 and Middle Level CandidatesTwo recommendations from different School of Education faculty members using form ST 20. 

- One from a faculty member teaching a content methods course

- One from another faculty member in Semesters 5, 6, or 7

Undergraduate | Secondary/K-12 candidatesIn addition to the two recommendations as listed above: 

- One from a faculty member teaching in the certification content area

All Graduate Candidates: Two recommendations from different School of Education faculty members using form ST 20: 

- One from a faculty member teaching a content methods course (If the methods course is taken at another university, the recommendation should come from the faculty member teaching the course).

- Any other School of Education professor (If a student takes their methods course at another university, then this School of Education professor should be someone who has seen the candidate teach).

5. Clearances - Copies of clearances must be on file in the Student & Academic Services Office (213 Canevin Hall). Original clearances will not be accepted. Please submit copies only. However, original clearances may be needed to confirm a student teaching placement in particular school districts. ; original clearances will not be accepted. Students should make several copies of clearances and store originals in a safe place. 

Information regarding Pennsylvania clearances (link)

Clearances must be current when turned in; clearances must remain current throughout your student teaching experience. All clearances are valid for one (1) year and are to be renewed every year. Fall semester students will student teach August through February. Spring semester students will student teach January through June.

6. Removal of all Incomplete & Failing grades

7. Minimum QPA of 3.00 overall

8. Minimum QPA of 3.00 in the certification subject area (Secondary or K-12)

9. Successful completion of the following PAPA exams:

For ALL Undergraduate student teachers:

    For Undergraduate student teachers in K-12 certification areas (i.e. Foreign Language—Latin):


    NOTES ON PROFESSIONAL TESTING: All candidates, undergraduate and graduate, will be required to obtain a qualifying score on the specialty area certification exam(s) required for your content area for teaching certification. THis is not required prior to student teaching. If you plan to graduate following your student teaching please fill out a Degree Application with your advisor by the specified date listed in “Schedule of Classes” order to be considered for graduation.