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Student Teaching and Field Placement

Student teaching is the most significant phase of the student’s certification program. It represents the bridge between professional preparation and professional practice. By definition, student teaching is a period of guided teaching when the teacher candidate takes increasing responsibility for leading the school experiences of a group of learners over a period of consecutive weeks. The major goal of student teaching is to provide an opportunity for the student teacher to make practical applications of knowledge, learning principles, and techniques of teaching. The beginning teacher needs the opportunity to experience the pressures of full-time teaching and the rewards that accrue. At Duquesne, student teachers demonstrate the culmination of the development of their knowledge, skills, and dispositions in each of the five domains in a PK-12 classroom setting.

The cooperating teacher, the university supervisor and the student teacher should view themselves as a team. A key word in this human endeavor is communication. Most problems occur when there is a breakdown in communication among team members. We encourage all team members, therefore, to keep the lines of communication open and to work together to achieve a successful experience.

Best wishes to each of you involved in the student teaching program!

Student Teaching Requirements

The process for Student Teaching placement is extremely rigorous.  To find out all of the steps needed, please click here.

Student Teaching Abroad

Student Teaching is the most significant phase in your certification program. A whole new world is at your fingertips. What better way to begin the adventure by immersing yourself in Irish society and culture, or experiencing the wonders of Rome, a city central to the most ancient and early-modern eras of western civilization?

The professional world you will soon enter as a graduate of Duquesne University‘s Leading Teacher Program may be interested in individuals who have demonstrated the willingness and the ability to move beyond their familiar environment.

Student Teaching Abroad can and will identify you to a future employer as someone with the confidence to step outside the comfort zone. This is the time of your life when it may be possible for you to go abroad, study international culture & education, explore historic landmarks, and see yourself as a member of the world community.

Please take a moment to read over the Recruitment materials linked below. If you would like to fill out an interest application, please complete the form and return it to Maisha Johnson in G4 B Canevin Hall or send it via email to johnso75@duq.edu

Interest Application - Student Teaching Abroad (pdf)

Instructions for Completing Abroad Forms (pdf)

ST 2a - Checklist for Abroad Placements (pdf)

ST  5 - Student Teacher Evaluation (pdf)

ST  6 - Student Teacher Midterm Evaluation (pdf)

Current Student Resources

If you are a current Education student, University Supervisor or Cooperating Teacher looking for resources or forms for Student Teaching & Field Experience, please click here.