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Alumni News

Duquesne University Occupational Therapy Grad on Today Show!
Lindsay Whelan, a 2006 graduate of the Occupational Therapy program, was seen on the Today Show working with Aimee Copeland, the Georgia graduate student who suffered multiple amputations of both hands, both feet and her left leg. In May 2012 Amy contracted flesh-eating bacteria after a zip-lining accident. She was fitted with two state-of -the-art prosthetic hands and Lindsay was guiding her through the often tedious process of learning to adapt to them and regain function.
Please click here to see OT and Lindsay in action!!

Ingrid M. Kanics, MOT, OTR/L , Hattie Larlham, Mantuu , OH is one of the invited speakers in this year's Centennial Vision session at the 2009 AOTA national conference in Houston highlighting five successful practitioners and their innovative practice areas. Her unique approach to practice, designing an indoor accessible playground , will be featured as bringing the AOTA Centennial Vision to life.

Teressa Garcia, MOT, OTR/L, was interviewed by OT Magazine regarding a summer camp for kids with hemiplegic CP. The first link below is the article and the second link has some great pictures of her patients.

OT Advance Article

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Department of Occupational Therapy 15th Anniversary

In celebration of our Department's 15th Anniversary on January 24, 2008, we honored 15 alumni who exemplify the vision, mission, and curriculum objectives promoted and advocated through our program during its first 15 years.

Please join us in congratulating the following awardees:

  • Alumni Leadership – Joy Roma
  • Leading Executive Entrepreneur – Scott Farabaugh
  • Emerging Practice Pioneer – Ingrid Kanics
  • Innovative Practice Entrepreneur – Cara Koscinski
  • Fieldwork Education – Ted Ricci
  • Fieldwork Education – Sandi Best
  • Leading Practitioners – Barb Warden
  • Excellence in Service Delivery – Allison Bell
  • State Association Leader – Melissa Parkes
  • Professional Development Facilitator – Traci Herc
  • Outstanding Community Service Leadership – Sara Clancey
  • Practice-Scholar Leadership – Teressa Garcia
  • Practice-Scholar Leadership – Sara Dix
  • Practice-Scholar Leadership – John Sciulli
  • Teacher-Scholar – Doug Morris