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Suggested Readings / Resources

These articles reflect a variety of topics related to OT fieldwork education, including effective supervision strategies, various supervision models, becoming a fieldwork educator, handling challenging situations and more. New resources are added at the bottom of the list on an ongoing basis. We hope that you find this information helpful.

Benefits for FW Educators in Working with Students (Hanson, 2012)

Bridging the Gap: Multigenerational FW Education (Kowalski, 2010)

Collaborative Intraprofessional Education with OT & OTA Students (Costa, Molinsky, & Sauerwald 2012)

Collaborative Supervision Models (Costa, D.)

Developing FW Experiences-Examples from Early Intervention & School-Based Practice (Schultz-Krohn, 2012)

Ensuring a Diverse Workforce: FW Success for OT Students with Disabilities, Meyer

First Time Level II Fieldwork Supervisors: Resources, Training, & Advice (Glassman, S.)

Framework for Fieldwork: Making the Most of Student-Educator Collaboration, Petrozelle & Iscrupe, 2013

FW Challenge 2012 (Roberts & Simon)

Learning to Use Occupation as Treatment During Level II Fieldwork (Hanson, D.)

Level I FW Today: A Study of Contexts & Perceptions (Johnson, Koenig, Piersol, Santalucia, & Wachter-Schutz, 2006)

Level II FW Success: A Cooperative Effort, Hanson

Making Your Fieldwork Program Work With Medicare Part B (Chew, F., Fulimino, J., & Johnson, C.)

Navigating Fieldwork's Ethical Challenges (J. Estes & L.C. Brandt)

Planning for a Successful Level I FW Experience, Hanson & Schumacher

Practice Advisory: Services Provided by Students in Fieldwork Level II Settings (AOTA)

Resources for FW Education, Geraci & Hanson

Stepping Into the Fieldwork Educator Role (D. Hanson)

The Impact of 'Generation Y' Occupational Therapy Students on Practice Education

The Just Right Challenge in Fieldwork (Costa, D.)

The Multiple Mentoring Model of Student Supervision, Graves & Hanson

Transformative Learning: Facilitating Growth & Change Through Fieldwork (Santalucia & Johnson, 2010)

Updates from the FW Front, Koski & Geraci

Using the Occupational Profile for Student-Centered Fieldwork Education (Deluliis, E.D.)