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Transfer Students

Rangos School of Health Sciences Transfer Procedures

Occupational Therapy Transfer Policy

Transfer of Academic Coursework to Meet Degree Requirements

The purpose of the policy is to outline the process that is implemented to ensure that students transferring credit for previous coursework and admission requirements have met the content requirements for appropriate ACOTE educational standards and/or program requirements. The following process is followed:

  1. The Department Chair is responsible for approving all coursework and pre-requisite requirements that will be accepted towards the completion of academic course and program requirements. All coursework whether it is transferred in by an on-going student or being reviewed as part of a transfer application will follow this policy.  Only science credits that are a C or higher from a 4 year academic institution are eligible for transfer.
  2. The Dean Office's Student Recruiter/Advisor initiates the review process regarding transfer coursework per the guidelines stated on page 20 of the RSHS Academic Student Handbook. An official transcript is required for this review process. All transfer academic coursework must be included on an official transcript to be considered for transfer credit. The Student Recruiter/Advisor forwards the review to the Department Chair for final determination.
  3. The Department Chair is charged to ensure that the transfer policy is upheld and that a course that is being recommended for transfer meets appropriate educational standards and/or pre-requisite content requirements expected for the program. The Department Chair refers to ACOTE Form C that reflects course equivalences with the Educational Standards . If a question arises regarding course equivalence, the Department Chair requests a copy of a course outline or other official document to ensure that the student has the requisite knowledge and/or experience exposure. If a student is requesting transfer of coursework in the professional program, then the Department Chair refers the course to the assigned instructor for final determination.
  4. All missing pre-requisite requirements and course equivalences are noted as ‘provisions for admission' on the Recommendation Form for Transfer and Second Degree Applicants which is signed and dated by the Department Chair.
  5. Applicants are informed of the decision.
    • The recommendation Forms for external applicants are sent to the University Admissions Office, where a letter is generated and sent from the Associate Vice President of Enrollment & Management informing the applicant of the admission decision.
    • All accepted students receive a follow-up letter from the RSHS office fo the Dean (signed by the Director of Student & Alumni Services) within the next week or two, congratulating the applicant on their acceptance and including other relevant information, such as an Evaluation Sheet, Course Planning Sheet, Academic & Program Requirements for Entry into the Professional Phase, Performance Indicators/Technical Standards, Pre-Clinical Health Requirements (if appropriate), and Program Timeline.
    • The admissions decision letter for internal transfer applicants is generated by the RSHS Office of the Dean and is sent to the student from the Director of Student & Alumni Services, along with the other relevant information listed above.
    • The Student Recruiter/Advisor monitors completion of admissions provisions.