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Physical Therapy

Build your Future – Make a Difference!

Explore Physical Therapy at Duquesne University

The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates from 2012 through 2022 the demand for physical therapists will increase by 36%. The program in Physical Therapy in the John G. Rangos, Sr. School of Health Sciences prepares graduates at the doctoral level for this expanding job market. Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT) are the practitioners of choice for evaluating, diagnosing, and treating functional limitations and disabilities related to illness or injury.

The Rangos School, with more than 800 students and 60 full-time faculty members, is one of the largest health sciences schools in the country with a national reputation for excellence in clinical instruction, research, and advocacy.

Why Our Program is Exceptional

A Balanced Curriculum

Review our comprehensive curriculum that provides a well-rounded education and professional training.

Multiple admission points

  • Freshmen admission to a 6-year combined program of undergraduate and professional coursework resulting in Bachelor's degrees in Biology and Health Sciences and the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.
  • Freshmen admission to a 7-year combined program of coursework in athletic training and professional coursework in physical therapy resulting in Bachelor's of Science degree in Athletic Training and the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.
  • Graduate Admission of post-baccalaureate students into the professional curriculum resulting in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree

For all students admitted as freshmen, guaranteed admission into the professional curriculum without subsequent application. Maintenance of academic standards is required.


Dedication to the Mission

The faculty and students of the Department of Physical Therapy practice the mission of the University to "Serve God by serving Students though service to the Church, the community, the nation and the world" by volunteering their time and expertise. One such facility is the Physical Therapy Clinic run by Catholic Charities of Pittsburgh. The clinic located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, provides services free to those who do not have health insurance coverage. Our faculty provides pro bono service to clients that come to Catholic Charities of Pittsburgh for assistance. Pre-professional students are encouraged to volunteer alongside the faculty to gain knowledge and experience in the field of physical therapy. Participation in the work of Catholic Charities is one of the many ways the students, faculty and staff work to fulfill the mission of Duquesne University.

Boundless Opportunities in the Profession

Duquesne DPT graduates are in demand and are hired by hospitals, rehabilitation centers, outpatient facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and public schools. Many Duquesne University alumni have started their own private practices.

Starting salaries for physical therapists can vary considerably based on location, type of facility, experience level, and degree. A recent salary survey by APTA reported a median income of $56,000 for physical therapists with 0-3 years experience and median salary of $75,000 for experienced physical therapists.

A License to Practice

Students must graduate from an accredited physical therapy program to sit for state licensing examinations. Duquesne University has an ultimate pass rate of 100% and over the past three years our graduates have achieved a 95% first-time pass rate on the State/National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE).