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The University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic

Duquesne's Clinic serves people of a variety of ages from the greater Pittsburgh area with a variety of communication problems.  The University Clinic is comprised of six specialty clinics which reflect the expertise of our faculty -- adult neurogenics, child language, hearing, pediatric speech, stuttering, and voice.

In the first year of the graduate program, students work with faculty members in many of the specialty clinics, gaining experience prior to externship placements in the second year.   Graduate student clinicians work closely with faculty to gain valuable clinical experience, working also with parents and spouses to educate and cultivate their assistance in the therapeutic process.

Clinical Practicum

Students earn approximately 100 hours of clinical practicum in the University Clinic.  These fundamental clinical skills serve as the underpinning for more intensive clinical placements the following year.   Students gain experience in treating, diagnosing, and counseling persons with communicative impairments.  For most students, clinical practicum helps to focus academic learning to help real people with real problems.  More than 100 people are served by the Clinic each year.

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