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The Class of 2009

Katie Barry

Speech-Language Pathologist at Metropolitan Ear, Nose, and Throat Associates
Pittsburgh, PA

Working with patients of all ages with voice/laryngeal pathologies, doing voice and swallowing evaluations and therapy.

In My Real Life: Enjoying employment!

Jacqueline Bertok

Speech-Language Pathologist, Clinical Fellow at the University Specialty Hospital
Baltimore, MD

Working with TBI, coma emergence, CVA, and medically complex patients.

In My Real Life: Moved to a new city all by myself knowing no one! So far so good- everyone I work with has been really nice, inviting, and supportive.

Contact: Jacqueline_bertok@comcast.net


Stephanie Cochran

Clinical Fellow at Baldwin-Whitehall School District currently; John Kane Glen Hazel previously and in the future.
Pittsburgh, PA

Working with Middle and High School students with articulation, language, MR, AAC, and cochlear implants/hearing impairments.

In My Real Life: I am now an aunt and I fight with my family over who gets to hold baby Eva!

Contact: cochrans0203@gmail.com


Kaitlin Hess

Speech-Language Pathologist - CFY at The Education Center at the Watson Institute
Sewickley, PA

Working with kids ages 3-21 with severe disabilities and/or autism with severe behaviors.

In My Real Life: Went on a cruise to the Bahamas and started working.  Went to PECS conference in Philadelphia for work.

Contact: Hessk459@duq.edu


Rebecca Magrini

Speech-Language Pathologist at Kindred Hospital, LTAC
Louisville, KY

Working with adult population, mostly individuals with respiratory failure and tracheostomy and ventilator dependent.

In My Real Life: I have moved to Louisville, KY and I am enjoying my new job as an SLP in the medical setting.  It has been a great learning experience and I anticipate even more opportunities moving to a new city.

Contact: Rebeccae103@yahoo.com

Holly Ware

Speech-Language Pathologist CFY for Easter Seals Western PA School Program & The Hope Learning Center
Pittsburgh, PA

Working with children ages 3 to 21 with autism, cerebral palsy, neurological impairments, MR, cochlear implants/hearing impairments, auditory processing disorder, articulation. and language disorders.

In My Real Life: Enjoying employment as a speech teacher!

Contact: Ware09@gmail.com

Ally Wood

Speech-Language Pathologist for AIU DART Program
Pittsburgh, PA

Working with ASD, Downs, and CP children from ages 3-5.

In My Real Life: Bought a house and loving life!

Contact: allyson.wood@aiu3.net