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Stuttering Services for Adults & Adolscents

The Stuttering Program for Adults & Adolescents

For most adults and adolescents who stutter, it is unlikely that there will be a remission of stuttering symptoms. As a consequence, therapy focuses on ways to manage existing disfluencies, enhance natural fluency and become more accepting of stuttering.

Therapy usually begins by developing objective information about stuttering symptoms and the ways stuttering interferes with the individual's lifestyle (the handicapping effects).  Concurrently, speaking techniques which minimize disfluencies and promote natural fluency are practiced in therapy to learn "controlled fluency".  For many, these techniques become tools which empower them to be able to speak with confidence, even in stressful situations.

Most clients enroll in individual therapy sessions to acquire these speaking techniques.  Group therapy offers the opportunity to challenge emerging fluency skills and discuss stuttering with others who share similar experiences.

Clients progress at their own pace through progressively more difficult and challenging speaking situations.  The end goal of therapy is to be able to speak confidently with controlled fluency in all activities of daily living.