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The Voice Care Clinic

Yang Chen, Ph.D., Program Director
Annette Neff, M.S., Clinic Instructor

Duquesne's Voice Care Clinic provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to individuals of all ages who present with a variety of voice disorders. Voice evaluations are performed jointly by a physician/otolaryngologist, speech pathologist, and graduate student clinician.  The voice evaluation consists of a client interview (regarding medical and social history), an acoustic analysis, an aerodynamic and videostroboscopic evaluations.

What is a Voice Disorder/Pathology?

Any condition that affects the performance of the voice-producing organ, the larynx, can cause a voice disorder. Voice disorders or  pathologies occur in approximately 7.5 million individuals. Our clinic serves patients experiencing voice problems as a result of phonotraumatic behaviors,  gastro-espohageal reflux/laryngeal pharyngeal reflux, and vocal fold pathologies (e.g., nodules, cysts, polyps, gramulomas).

Common Symptoms

  • Hoarseness or breathiness of the voice
  • Voice breaks
  • Vocal fatigue or discomfort and deterioration of the voice with prolonged use
  • Inability to talk
  • Chronic throat clearing or coughing
  • Limitations in pitch range
  • Limitations in volume and projection

Services Provided

We presently offer services including the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment for individuals with Parkinson Disease, baseline videostroboscopy, voice screenings, and comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services, including:

  • Perceptual Evaluation
  • Multi-Dimensional Voice Program (MDVP)
  • Videostroboscopic Evaluation
  • ENT Evaluation
  • Aerodynamic Evaluation
  • EGG
  • Evaluation of the Aging Voice
  • Healthy Voice Screenings – provides a baseline picture of your healthy larynx as a source of comparison if experiencing voice problems later
  • Free Vocal Screenings
  • Educational Services

The Voice Care Team

A comprehensive diagnostic and treatment approach is provided by an interdisciplinary team  consisting of:

  • Otolaryngologist
  • Speech Scientist
  • Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Graduate Student Clinician

This team uses a variety of state-of-the-art acoustic software (e.g., multi-speech, MDVP, real-time spectrogram), Aerodynamic instrumentation, EGG equipment, and the use of videstroboscopy for vocal fold visualization/evaluation.

Who Benefits?

Our patients include professional and nonprofessional singers, speakers, teachers, clergy, attorneys, sales people, actors, cheerleaders, coaches or any individual experiencing vocal pathology.

About the Clinic

The Voice Care Clinic was established in 1999, located on the 4th Floor of Fisher Hall, Duquesne University campus.  We offer specialized care for individuals of all ages with voice and laryngeal problems.

In addition to patient care the voice care clinic seeks to increase public awareness of voice disorders and vocal hygiene through teaching, education, free voice screenings and workshops.