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Academic Excellence Program

The Academic Excellence Program helps all students build the independent learning skills necessary for success in law school, on the bar exam, and in the practice of law.  The program strives to achieve this goal through a variety of innovative initiatives supported by the most up-to-date academic research on law school pedagogy.

The program presents first-year students with skill-building workshops throughout the academic year. Fall semester workshops assist students to hone their critical reading, analytic, and time management skills, while the spring semester workshops, which are integrated with a doctrinal course such as Property or Civil Procedure, focus more narrowly on legal analysis and exam writing skills.  The spring workshops are the result of a collaborative effort between the School of Law's administration, faculty, and students to increase the number of opportunities available to students to practice and receive feedback on their legal analysis and writing. 

Throughout the year, the Academic Excellence Program also offers one-on-one support to students who struggle academically. The director and staff work closely with students to identify potential reasons for their underperformance, and to design and implement systematic approaches for improvement.


Academic Excellence Program Director

Kirsha Weyandt Trychta
Center for Legal Information, Room 128

Mailing Address

Duquesne University School of Law
600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15282

PA Dept. of Education Funds Law Academic Excellence Program Again

The Duquesne University School of Law has received $85,000 from the Pennsylvania Department of Education for a second consecutive year to fund the school’s Academic Excellence Program. Press release >

Additional information concerning the Academic Excellence Program is available to Law Students via Blackboard.