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Family Law Concentration

Duquesne University law school offers a Family Law Concentration for those students who have a desire to help, serve, and assist families. The Family Law Concentration provides students with opportunities to focus their studies on family law through both traditional course work and experiential learning.

Students are able establish an expertise in standard family law practice areas such as marriage, divorce, child custody, and support. Students can also study more specialized areas of family law such as adoption and juvenile law. Finally, the Family Law Concentration provides students with the opportunity to expand their study of the family to other areas of law that often intersect with family including estate planning, gender studies, and work-life balance.

Strongly Suggested Courses

Allegheny County Bar Foundation - Parent Advocates Externship [3, limited credits, clinical]
Children and the Law [3]
Estates and Trusts [3]
Family Law [3]
Gender and the Law: Current Topics [2]
KidsVoice Externship [3, limited credits, clinical]
Neighborhood Legal Services Clinic on Family Issues [3, limited credits, clinical]
Pro Se Motions Clinic [3, limited credits, clinical]

It is recommended that students take one of the four clinical courses listed as strongly suggested, not all four.

Other Courses

Doctrinal Courses

Basic Federal Income Taxation [3]
Canon Law [2]
Employee Benefits [2]
Employment Discrimination [2]
Employment Law [3]
Independent Research [1 to 3, paper - with approval]
Introduction to Jewish Law [2]
Islamic Law [3, paper]
Pennsylvania Civil Procedure [2]
Social Media and the Law (1)
Work-Life Law [2 hours]
Work-Life Law Writing Seminar [3 hours]

Skills/Clinic Courses

Allegheny County Solicitor's Externship on Interstate Collection and Enforcement of Support Obligations [3, limited credits, clinical]
Alternative Dispute Resolution [2]
Art of Mediation: Theory and Practice [2]
Deposition Skills [2]
Expert Evidence [3]
Moot Court (classroom component) [1]
Negotiation Skills [2]
Pleading and Discovery Skills [2]
Trial Advocacy [3, limited credits]

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