Law School Career Services Office

600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15282-0700
Phone: 412.396.6559
Fax: 412.396.6598

Maria D. Comas, Esq.

Samantha H. Coyne, MBA
Employer Outreach Manager

Arlene H. Miller
Assistant to the Director

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Employers - Job Postings

Same-Day Job Postings

The Career Services Office offers same-day job postings for full- and part-time law clerk and attorney positions. Opportunities are listed on the password protected DuqLawConnect (Symplicity) website within 24 hours and also printed and posted at the School of Law.

Blind Postings Available

The Career Services Office provides employers the option of making blind postings of vacancies, in which the name of the employer is not revealed. The Career Services Office will collect the requested application materials from candidates and submit them in accordance with an employer's specified timeline.

To post a position announcement, print and complete the Job Posting Form or post online at Symplicity.


For more information about the Career Services Office, please contact the office by phone 412.396.6559, by fax 412.396.6598, or by e-mail