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E-Discovery Simulation Course

E-discovery Simulation is an intensive, practical introduction to electronic discovery. The class will use the case study approach and simulation techniques, allowing students to gain “hands on” experience in developing a litigation strategy based on simulated facts and data. The course provides a foundation in the relevant Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and case law. In addition, the course will introduce best practices guidelines and experienced guest speakers. With this knowledge base, students:

  1. Prepare and respond to requests for electronically stored information (ESI);
  2. Serve and respond to interrogatories;
  3. Take and defend a deposition;
  4. Run a simulation discovery search utilizing customized software; and
  5. Argue and brief relevant pre-trial motions.

The course is intended to be a facsimile of real litigation. Ultimately, the student becomes a practitioner by doing. The goal of the course is student proficiency in pretrial e-discovery. The focus is on pretrial strategy, as discovery is the heart of civil litigation and most cases are resolved at this phase. Class is limited to 10 students.