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Legal Research Guides by Course - Labor Law

Course Description:

The course covers the evolution of federal labor relations’ laws and their effects upon the relationships between employers and employees, employers and unions, and employees and unions.  Within this broad area special attention is devoted to the following topics: the area of federal regulation, labor objectives and labor rights, employee representation (bargaining units and elections), unfair labor practices of both employers and unions (i.e., employer interference in union activities, domination of labor unions by employers, discrimination encouraging or discouraging union activity, restraint or coercion of employees by unions, discrimination by unions), strikes, picketing, boycotts, injunctions. (3 credits)

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Print Collection:

KF3351-KF3452   Management-Labor Relations (including Labor Unions) 

Legal Research Databases:

DCLI Webpage Links:

  • Primary Legal Research: Case Law, Statutory Law, Administrative Law (contains quick links to our federal and state statutes, our federal and state administrative codes, and federal and state case law)
  • Legal Research Guides: Labor and Employment Law