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Legal Research Guides by Course - Legal Research and Writing

Course Description:

This year long course, taught in small group sessions, emphasizes the development of a variety of concepts, skills and techniques.  Emphasis is placed on case analysis and synthesis, effective legal writing style and the use of the law library.  At least five principal writing assignments introduce students to the preparation of memoranda, appellate briefs and other forms of legal writing.  Faculty members confer individually with students on these assignments.  Additional shorter writing assignments may also be made.  Student in their second semester are also introduced to the use of computer-assisted legal research methods.  (3 credits)  Required Course - Paper

Faculty Who Teach This Course:

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Print Collection:

K85-K89   Law in General - Legal Research
K94   Law in General – Legal Composition and Draftsmanship
KF240-KF247   U.S. Law - Legal Research – Legal Bibliography
KF250-KF251   U.S. Law - Legal Composition and Draftsmanship                                             

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DCLI Webpage Links:

  • Primary Legal Research: Case Law, Statutory Law, Administrative Law, Constitutions (contains quick links to our statutes, our administrative codes, federal and state case law and our constitutions)
  • Legal Research Guides: Legal Research and Writing