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Legal Research Guides by Course - Property

Course Description:

The nature of property, including the relationship between property law and other fields, especially Civil Procedure, Contracts and Torts, is analyzed.  A historical analysis is made of the various possible property relations, including estates in land and future interest, of the various kinds of problems, which have been dealt with as property problems, and of some of the solutions, which have been produced from time to time.  Emphasis is placed on the analysis of contemporary problems, such as the transfer and recording of property interests, financing property transactions, and method of public and private control over the use of land.  (6 credits)  Required Course

Faculty Who Teach This Course:

Subject Covered Presently in Collection by:

Print Collection:

KF560-KF720   Property
KFP110-KFP134   Pennsylvania Property

Legal Research Databases:

               Powell on Real Property (Legal > Secondary Legal >  Matthew Bender(R) >  By Area of Law >  Real Estate)

               Zoning Law and Practice   (Legal > Secondary Legal >  Matthew Bender(R) >  By Area of Law >  Real Estate)

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