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Legal Research Guides by Course - Torts

Course Description:

Tort law, in general, is that body of law, which allocates and distributes losses from harm and injury suffered by members of society in situations where there is no private agreement that determines who should bear the loss.  Liability in tort is divided into three broad areas: liability for intentional acts, liability for conduct which is negligent, and strict liability.  The course delves into each of these areas, exploring various aspects of actions for assault, battery, false imprisonment, trespass to land and chattels, conversion, infliction of emotional distress, negligence, misrepresentation, nuisance, defamation, invasion of privacy, strict liability for damage done by animals and abnormally dangerous activities, and strict products liability.  In conjunction with the study of the rules surrounding these tort actions, their historical backgrounds as well as social and philosophical rationales are examined.  (6 credits)  Required Course

Faculty Who Teach This Course:

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Print Collection:

KF1246-KF1327   Torts
KF9320-KF9322   Criminal Law – Assault and Battery

Legal Research Databases:

            Pennsylvania Personal Injury/Torts Encyclopedia (PLE)  (Legal tab > Secondary Legal > Matthew Bender > By Area of Law > Torts)

            Personal Injury: Actions, Defenses, Damages (Legal tab > Secondary Legal > Matthew Bender > By Area of Law > Torts)

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