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C-SPAN covers National Press Club event moderated by Dean Gormley

C-SPAN will air live a special presentation tonight from National Press Club, "The Saturday Night Massacre: A 40-Year Retrospective," featuring Ken Gormley, dean of Duquesne University School of Law. Gormley organized and serves as moderator for the invitation-only program in Washington, D.C. Duquesne University School of Law and the National Press Club are co-hosting the event.

United States Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, who was a young lawyer on the Watergate Special Prosecution team, will offer opening remarks. The distinguished panelists will include: William Ruckelshaus, the former Deputy Attorney General who resigned rather than carry out Nixon's order; Bob Woodward, the iconic Watergate figure who covered these events for the Washington Post; Philip Heymann, the former Associate Special Prosecutor to Archibald Cox and noted Harvard Law School professor; Jill Wine-Banks, the only female trial lawyer on the Watergate Special Prosecution Force; and James Doyle former special assistant and press secretary to Archibald Cox and author of a book chronicling his experiences.Gilbert Klein, chair of the National Press Club History and Heritage Committee, will moderate the program with Gormley.

The retrospective begins on C-SPAN at 6:30 p.m. American History TV on C-SPAN3 will reair the 90-minute program on Saturday, October 19 at 8 p.m.

Watch the C-SPAN video

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