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Periodical Summaries 1996-1999

When Federal Law is Also State Law: The Implications for State Constitutional Law Methodology of Footnote Seven in Commonwealth v. Matos, Comment, Bruce Ledewitz, 72 Temp.L.Rev. 561 (Fall, 1999).

State Constitutional Analysis of Pretext Stops: Racial Profiling and Public Policy Concerns, Comment, The Honorable Phyllis W. Beck and Patricia A. Daly, 72 Temp.L.Rev. 597 (Fall, 1999).

The Protection of Prenatal Life: Tort Claims of Wrongful Birth or Wrongful Life and Equal Protection Under Pennsylvania's Constitution, Comment, Mary Ellen Pellegrino, 72 Temp.L.Rev. 715 (Fall, 1999).

Medical Records and the U.S. and Pennsylvania Constitutions' Right to Privacy, Comment, Julie K. Freeman, 70 Pa.B.A.Q. 93 (July, 1999).

Taking the Pennsylvania Constitution Seriously When It Protects the Environment: Part I--An Interpretative Framework for Article I, Section 27, Comment, John C. Dernbach, 103 Dick.L.Rev. 693 (1999).

Taking the Pennsylvania Constitution Seriously When It Protects the Environment: Part II--Environmental Rights and Public Trust, Comment, John C. Dernbach, 104 Dick.L.Rev. 97 (1999).

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same: Interpreting the Pennsylvania Uniformity Clause, Comment, Kristen E. Hickman, 62 Albany L.Rev. 1695 (1999).

An Abuse of Power: How the Pennsylvania Supreme Court uses Article V, Section 10(C) of the Pennsylvania Constitution to Dominate Procedural Lawmaking, and Why Pennsylvania Should Amend This Constitutional Provision, Comment, Jason Bologna, 71 Temple L.Rev. 711 (1998).

Economic Freedom of Parental Choice in Education: The Pennsylvania Constitution, Comment, William B. Ball, 101 Dick.L.Rev. 261 (1997).

Constitutional Crisis in Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Supreme Court v. Pennsylvania General Assembly, Comment, Dana Stuchell, 102 Dick.L.Rev. 201 (1997).

The Public Policy Exception to the Employment at Will Doctrine: Searching for Clear Mandates in the Pennsylvania Constitution, J. Fannon, 27 Rutgers L.J. 927 (1996).