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Duquesne Law Review

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Welcome to the Duquesne Law Review!

The Duquesne Law Review is the flagship journal of the Duquesne University School of Law. The journal is entirely student-run and publishes scholarly works by legal professionals and academics four times annually. If you are an author submitting an article, a student, a member of the Duquesne Law Review, someone wishing to subscribe, or simply someone seeking to learn more about our esteemed journal, we hope this website serves to provide the necessary information to satisfy your inquiries.


The Duquesne Law Review takes great pride in our relationships with authors. Our editing process, which is primarily one of technical editing, ensures that authors published in our journal maintain their "voice" throughout their piece; substantive editing suggestions are reserved for Executive Articles Editors and are made to the Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for consideration before authors are contacted. To put it simply, the Duquesne Law Review does not edit for the sake of editing.

Additionally, we understand that the timing of publication is critically important to many of our authors. Our editing process, while thorough and complete, is extremely efficient. We want to publish your article as quickly as you want it published, without compromising the integrity of our editing process or the integrity of your work.

Throughout the publication process, our authors have one contact person for the Duquesne Law Review. That person, an Executive Articles Editor, will remain your contact throughout the entire process. This avoids unnecessary confusion, aiding both you and the journal in the timely publication of your submission.

If you are interested in submitting an article to the Duquesne Law Review, please visit our Submit an Article page.


Membership on Duquesne Law Review can be achieved in two ways: "grading on" or "writing on." Throughout the years the requirements for both methods of obtaining membership have been amended. The current requirements can be found on our Student Membership Page.


Information for members can be found on our LexisNexis Web Course. If you have forgotten the password to the LexisNexis site, please contact the Executive Editor or the Editor-in-Chief.

Other Visitors

Subscription information is available on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Feel free to peruse the pages of our site for more information about our journal.