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Exam Schedule

Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

General Policies and Procedures for Examinations

Make-up Exam Requests

Examination schedules will not be altered except for compelling reasons such as serious illness or serious family emergencies.  Certification for illness or serious family emergencies must be presented to the Academic Status Committee along with a typed request for a make-up exam.  Make-up exam requests will not be granted based on employment-related conflicts or personal commitments such as weddings and vacations. 

Students with religious observance accommodations or exams scheduled at the same time should complete the Examination Time Conflict Request form and return it to the Law School Registrar's Office to arrange for a time variance. 

Examination Time Conflict Request Form

Review of Graded Exams

Any student wishing to review a graded examination must complete an Exam Review Request form and return it to the Law School Main Office.  Graded exams may only be viewed in the Main Office of the Law School or with the professor who administered the exam.  Copies of any graded exam may not be made.  It takes 24 to 48 hours to complete the request to review a graded exam.  Students must know their anonymous exam number for that specific semester in order to review their exams.

Exam Review Request Form

Procedures for Students Receiving Testing Accommodations