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Transferring Divisions

Any student who wishes to transfer from one division to another must submit a typed petition (email or fax requests are unacceptable) to the Academic Status Committee.  Such transfers are not a matter of right.  Students are not permitted to switch divisions in the middel of an academic year. 

If a student is permitted to transfer into another division, he/she will not be ranked in his/her new division until the completion of his/her last semester of study.  Any student who is eligible for a scholarship based upon class rank who transfers to another division forfeits his/her scholarship eligibility.

Transferring Schools

Students who are in the process of transferring to another ABA-accredited law school and need a Letter of Good Standing must complete the Letter of Good Standing (Transfer) form. The form should be returned to the Law School Registrar's Office as soon as possible.  Transferring students must also complete the official withdrawal process.