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Withdrawals and Refunds

Withdrawal from School

A student who wishes to withdraw from school must submit a typed notification (email or fax requests are unacceptable) to the Office of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.  A student who ceases to attend class during any semester, or fails to enroll in the succeeding semester without first obtaining a Leave of Absence or who fails to return within the time specified in his/her approved Leave of Absence, will be deemed to be absent without approval.  Such student shall receive a failing grade in the course(s) for which he/she has previously registered.  Any student who has withdrawn from school and wishes to be readmitted must file a new application for admission.  Such student will be evaluated relative to all other applicants when being considered for admission.


Tuition refunds are based upon the date of a student's withdrawal from school.  The date of withdrawal is the date on which the Academic Status Committee receives the student's notice of withdrawal.  Any scholarship recipient, including recipient of a Law School Academic Scholarship, who withdraws from school, is not entitled to any part of his/her award.  Fees and acceptance deposits are not refundable.

Tuition refunds will be made according to the following schedule:

Date of Withdrawal Refund
Before School Begins 100%
During the first 2 weeks of class 80%
Third week 40%
Fourth week 20%
After the fourth week -0-