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Apply for Summer Study of Law in China

Tuition is $2,496. After completing this application, you must pay a $250 nonrefundable application fee, and non-Duquesne students must include a letter of good standing from their Dean.

Applicant Information

If you do not have a valid US passport, apply for it immediately as processing can take up to 8 weeks.

Personal Profile

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Participation Agreement

Overseas Insurance Coverage Certification

To the Student and Parents: Any student participating in a Duquesne University study abroad program is required to have health insurance. It is the responsibility of the students and parents to select appropriate coverage. The insurer, type and amount of insurance are personal decisions, depending on the medical condition of the student and the availability of personal insurance from outside resources, such as parental policies.

Emergency Contact
Optional Information

The information requested below is for statistical reporting only, and is completely voluntary. Your answer to this question, or option to omit this information, will not positively or negatively impact your application or status with Duquesne University. It will be kept confidential and used only in accordance with state and federal reporting requirements.