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Earn Important Work Experience in China

IP Law Clinic


  • A number of internships in major Beijing law firms are available for participants.  The internships commence at the conclusion of the course program for a period of two weeks.
  • There is a $150 fee for participation. Students are awarded one pass/fail credit.

Only Chinese Nationals are licensed to practice law in the P.R.C.   Thus, all members of the law firms offering internships are Chinese citizens who have passed the National Lawyers Exam.  However, because many clients the law firms represent are from the United States, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, and other Pacific Rim nations, many members of the firms have been admitted to Bars of other nations, including the Bars of the U.S. states.  The firms with whom we place students have lawyers who have been educated abroad as well as in the P.R.C.

We make an effort to place students in firms that perform the type of work in which the student has a particular interest.  Thus, if a student is interested in intellectual property, we will endeavor to place the student with a firm that has expertise in Chinese patent and trademark law.  However, we cannot guarantee that every student will be placed in a firm that performs a particular type of legal service.  The experiences students have will vary with the firm's needs at the time the internship is performed.  In the past, students have participated in meetings with clients; have assisted in drafting documents; have prepared correspondence; and have drafted legal memoranda.

In performing such tasks, the summer interns at times work closely with lawyers from one or more of the approximately 100 foreign law firms that have been authorized to establish offices in the P.R.C. but who are precluded from engaging in the practice of law within the P.R.C. because its members are not Chinese citizens.  As of this date, Chinese lawyers are not permitted to associate with foreign law firms.