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Affordable Costs


Tuition and fees are $2,496.  Included are comprehensive course materials, welcoming and graduation banquets, several trips to local attractions, and the cost of the Medex card (which provides for emergency evacuation anywhere in China).  Please note that air fare, room and board, ground transportation and incidentals are not included in the price of tuition. 

Estimated Total Costs:
Tuition $2,496
Air Fare (estimated)* $1,700
Room and Board ** $816
Ground Transportation & Incidentals $500

*Figure represents average cost. Individual prices will vary depending on airline and flight selected. Students are respnsible for booking their own air reservations to and from China.

**Based on double occupancy for 24 days at $16.00 per day and $18.00 per day for food. Per day costs: $34.

*** Excluding optional trip to Shanghai or Xi'an and a $150 fee for students who elect to enroll in a one-week clinical program or three-week internship program.

Accessibility to Individuals with Disabilities

The Jiming Express Inn is wheelchair accessible.  The classroom facilities and much of Beijing are not wheelchair accessible.  China has come a long way toward improving accessibility, and its metro system is fully accessible.  But, it can still be difficult for an individual with disabilities to get around on his/her own.

Cancellation Policy

We do not envision canceling the Summer Program unless the State Department determines that travel to the PRC is dangerous to the health or safety of foreign visitors.  Should that occur, the students would be immediately notified by email.  Full refunds will be made, and all students will be provided with the option of joining another summer program sponsored by the Law School.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be made if the program is canceled or if a student withdraws before classes begin.  The Law School, in its discretion, may refund all or a portion of the tuition to any student whose withdrawal during the program is for compelling reasons.

Apply by February 28, 2014, and receive a $150 discount!


See Information Bulletin for extra costs of room and board for optional internship program.