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Over the past seventeen years, nearly 700 students from almost 200 American and foreign law schools participated in the program.  List of represented schools.

The following comments are taken from the most recent surveys of China Program Participants:

What did you particularly like about the summer program?

"I wanted to thank you again for the great experience I had in China. It was one of the best times of my life, and I have so many memorable experiences. I learned a lot about Chinese law and gained a new perspective of the US legal system."

"Honestly, this program is just a wonderful opportunity to visit China and get a new cultural experience."

"It broadened my horizon and made me realize there's a lot for a lawyer to do (besides practicing in my home town). I also was amazed and impressed with how much of the world these students have seen or been to. Most importantly, I'm glad to have been exposed to Beijing. I don't think I would have visited Beijing or China if not for the program."

"Everything! I had a wonderful time and learned a lot."

"I developed friendships with the students at CUPL. The tea party was very enlightening and gave us an opportunity early in in the program, to establish relationships we can use for a lifetime. The guest speakers were very knowledgeable and approachable after their particular lectures. I obtained an understanding of the Chinese economy and the laws which are being enacted to help China flourish."

"The insights into Chinese law, and the enormous opportunity to explore a unique city like Beijing and all the interesting sites included."

"The variety of subjects and speakers that were presented. The whole trip was an eye-opening experience."

"I thought the Duquesne University team was great. I could not ask for more. The CUPL team was also great. The trips were well planned. Everything was good. I really loved the trip to Xi'an!"

"The program provides the student with an excellent educational opportunity. While a good deal of the learning occurs in the classroom, clearly the majority of the educational process occurs on the streets of Bejing. The student would never grasp, understand, and appreciate the Chinese legal sysyem without learning about Chinese history and experiencing Chinese culture."

Did the program meet your expectations?

"Exceeded all expectations--from the helpfulness of the Duquesne / CUPL staff, to the arrangements of tours. Also, great that these were included in tuition (food too), rather than paying each time."

"Classes were elightening, and most speakers were interesting."

Would you recommend the Duquesne University - CUPL Summer Law Program to other American, Canadian, and English-speaking law students?

"I would recommend this program to all students who express an interest in the future."

"Without a doubt I would tell everyone about this program."

Additional comments from students:

"Very memorable experience that I will discuss with others for a very long time. Furthermore, I am extremely grateful for this experience and will cherish my time in China forever."

"This trip was so rewarding in many ways. Thank you for this opportunity. I will never forget it. Learning the law of another country and in this setting was very rewarding. I enjoyed this trip very much and will recommend it to all friends of mine in law school."

"This program exceeded all my expectations--some highlights:

  • Being picked up at the airport--important in a foreign land for those who don't speak Chinese and just sat on a long flight.
  • Meals, tea party, welcome banquet, Great Wall, law firm, and various trips. Its great that costs were included; it made doing these things much easier."

"After hearing high Chinese lawyers, getting 4 1/2 credits, trips, food, buses, and transportation from the airport, the price is a bargain."

"The emphasis on seeing Beijing rather than sitting in the hotel and reading is good. Seeing the sights after class provides insights into China few tourists have. I learned a lot without trying, and I'll remember what I learned for a long time. The relaxed attitude of the professors made this much easier for students."

"I would like to to thank both Prof. Liu and Prof. Pelaez for this wonderful experience. I have made some great friends from both fellow students as well as speakers."

"Our escort was waiting with a big Duquesne sign. This made things a lot easier."

"It changes your perspective of what's important and reminds you to cherish the meaningful aspects of life such as family."

"I am grateful to the organizers of this program for giving me such an awesome opportunity to learn about China and its legal system, and to experience life Beijing-style."

"Great program, very much worth the time and money spent."

"I cannot imagine a law student having a better experience--in terms of education or even pure adventure--than on this program. I don't see how my experience could have been better or more rewarding. This is the best way to get your feet wet in Asia."

"Your program allowed me to grow personally and professionally.  As an American law student, I had access to top lawyers and rulemakers and I intend to maintain these contacts.  What better way to keep up to date on developments in China than with the people shaping the direction?”

“Thank you for infusing us with both your passion for the law and your passion for the PRC.”

"Thanks for making this summer such a memorable and worthwhile experience."

"Thanks for your efforts in such a great program this summer.  The experience will undoubtedly stay with me for the rest of my life."

"I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful opportunity.  I had an amazing time in China, and I have not been able to stop talking or thinking about everything that I saw.  I am already planning another trip out there next summer with my family."

"Your study abroad program was a fond memory to an otherwise mundane law school experience.  Thank you for organizing it for all of these years and looking after the students.  I fondly remember the course and the many friends made, that I still keep in touch with today."

"This is an amazing and eye-opening experience. Not only are the classes interesting, and intellectually stimulating, but the time available to explore Beijing, see the sites, and meet the people is invaluable. It's impossible to understand a country's laws without an understanding of its people, culture and laws, and this program accomplished both."