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Introducing 1point5

Are you eager to learn?  Do you want to contribute more at work?  Is your manager looking for opportunities to help you develop on the job?

If you answered yes to these questions, Duquesne's new 1point5 program may interest you.

Now you can earn graduate credit and manage your career at the same time.  Are you looking to get promoted but have trouble convincing your boss you've got what it takes to contribute at the next level?  Consider signing up for 1point5 - short courses that pack a punch.  Here's what's different about 1point5:

  • study with other professionals like yourself from around the country,
  • focus on issues that matter to you, to your boss and to your employer,
  • demonstrate you have mastered specific skills that have real-world application,
  • build a portfolio of assignments and work products that help you market yourself and build your personal brand, and
  • earn credit that can be applied towards a graduate certificate or master's degree.

Why 1point5? These are short courses - each bearing one-and-a-half graduate credits.  Short courses allow you to focus your learning in one key area at a time.  And they're delivered in a highly interactive manner.  You will be engaged in an intense learning experience for just three weeks.*  Then it's over and done.  And you can move on to the next one - or take a break until your schedule permits you to concentrate your energies for another three weeks.

This is not your parents' education. No one will be checking to see if you're wearing jeans or pajamas.  You can submit discussion posts from your iPhone or netbook.  You can IM your classmates.  You can text or skype your instructors - working professionals with real-world experience.  Weekly webinars keep you feeling connected, while your advisor is only a phone call away.

1point5 is also designed to help your manager grow your contribution to your organization.  An optional webinar before each course begins allows your instructor to suggest ways your manager can support your learning.  A post-course webinar for managers provides ideas for how to maximize learning transfer back to your job.  Why not suggest your manager check out 1point5 today?

*A fourth and final week, during which no class interaction is required, allows you time to complete any assigned papers or projects.