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    Advanced Standing

    Adult students bring a wealth of life’s experiences to the educational arena. This knowledge and experience may be converted into credits through several methods.  An advisor can evaluate your transcripts and inform you of the potential credits that you may be awarded through the advanced standing opportunities listed below.

    Transfer Credits

    Credits earned at other accredited universities or colleges may be applied toward your degree.  Certain rules apply:

    For undergraduate programs:

    1. no more than 60 credits can be transferred from a two-year institution;
    2. at least one-half of the major must be completed at Duquesne University; and
    3. a total of 30 credits must be completed in residence.

    For graduate programs up to six credits may transfer depending on the program.

    Only course grades of “C” or better will be considered for possible transfer.  (Note: We transfer only the credit, not the Q.P.A.) Other restrictions may apply depending on the program of enrollment.

    CLEP Tests (undergraduate programs only)

    The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a series of examinations which provide the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge acquired through life experiences. These examinations are available in various subject areas in the liberal arts and sciences. Not all CLEP tests are accepted at DU; consult with your advisor to determine your eligibility. Students must have less than 60 credits toward their degree, including transfer work, in order to be considered.

    Military Credit

    Students who serve or have served in the U.S. Armed Forces may be eligible for academic credit at Duquesne University depending upon the type of coursework completed.  An advisor can review your SMART/AARTS or related transcrips.

    Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) (undergraduate programs only)

    The PLA Seminar provides an opportunity that allows students to define, organize and document their prior demonstrated college level learning and earn course credits through a faculty evaluation process. Prior learning that may qualify for college-level credit must be conceptual as well as practical and must relate to subjects traditionally taught at the University. A student in the School of Leadership and Professional Advancement may earn up to 15 credits, but credits earned cannot be counted as part of the 30 in residence required for graduation. In most cases, credits earned will count toward electives. Additional information is available on the program website. It is recommended that you discuss this option further with an advisor.