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Application and Requirements - Non-degree (Personal Goal and Visiting Students)

The following information provides you with a quick checklist of the experience, information and documents you must complete in order to enroll. You may want to print this page to help you track the items you have completed and submitted.

Personal Goal Students seek courses they may need as a prerequisite, or for personal enrichment in a skill area. If there's a topic of interest or course that may help you accomplish your career or personal goals, then this option is for you.

(Note: Select "SLPA Non-Degree" on first dropdown menu of application for this option) 

Visiting Students seek to get a head start on or catch up with course work over the summer months. If you're looking to transfer credit bearing courses back to your home school or university, then this option is for you. 

Do you plan to take an online course?


Due to higher education regulation changes, effective August 1, 2011, Duquesne University is unable to accept applications for admission to online programs and courses from students residing in Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Washington and Wisconsin.  For questions, please contact Paul-James Cukanna in the Office of  Admissions at 412.396.5002 or