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    Academic Degree Programs FAQs

    What undergraduate degrees are offered?

    Behavioral Science (BS)
    Computer Systems Technology (BS)
    Humane Leadership (BS)
    Organizational Leadership (BS)
    Professional Communication (BA)

    Visit "Undergraduate Degrees" to learn more about these degree programs.

    What graduate degrees are offered?

    The School of Leadership and Professional Advancement offers a Master of Science in Leadership Degree, with concentrations in the following areas:

    Business Ethics
    Community Leadership
    Global Leadership
    Healthcare Leadership
    Information Technology
    Liberal Studies
    Professional Administration
    Sports Leadership

    Visit "Graduate Degrees" to learn more about these Master of Science in Leadership Degree concentrations.

    Is a leadership degree right for me?

    If you are interested in learning more about leading teams, conflict resolution, improving communication skills, and thinking critically - a leadership degree is the perfect fit for you! Each concentration focuses on developing these key skills while contextualizing them within the concentration area suited to your personal and professional interests. Opportunities to broaden your skill set and leadership potential are presented through challenging courses featuring course topics relevant to modern organizations taught by industry leading expert practitioners and instructors. Courses such as Human and Financial Resources, Understanding the Global Political Arena, Organizational Design and Development, IT Program and Project Management, Accounting and Budgeting, and many more prepare individuals for success in diverse work environments and careers.

    What support services are available to me?

    The School of Leadership and Professional Advancement has a deep commitment to student support. An academic advisor will assist you one on one with course registration and help ensure your success throughout your program. Upon enrollment, students have access to a Blackboard Training Tutorial, an Online Writing Center, Digital Resources through Gumberg Library, The Computing and Technology Services Help Desk, and a School of Leadership and Professional Advancement Student Resource Center updated frequently with information tailored to our students. All services and resources available to on-campus students are available to you, even if you choose to take all of your courses online.

    Additional questions? Contact Us! We would love to hear from you!

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