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Business Ethics Course Descriptions

MSLB 501 - Business Ethics

This course will emphasize the individual as decision-maker and focus upon ethical issues and dilemmas facing managers in most business organizations.  The specific objectives of the course are to raise students’ general awareness of ethical dilemmas at work, to place ethical issues within a management context subject to analysis and decision-making action, and to enhance and improve the ability of students to reason toward a satisfactory resolution of an ethical dilemma.

MSLB 502 - Information Ethics

This course deals with ethical issues in the new era of the Information Society.  The general objectives of this course are to improve the students’ ability to identify specific information ethics issues, to analyze and resolve these information ethics issues within a management context, and to improve the student’s understanding of how information technology impacts people’s lives.

MSLB 503 - Special Ethics Topics: Ethics and Diversity

Clearly, the impact of diversity on modern business has been instrumental in reshaping policy, procedure, structures and stakeholder relationships.  During this course, students will analyze real world case studies that will emphasize key issues associated with ethics and diversity.  Students will conduct a comprehensive Diversity Analysis of an organization that will demonstrate a clear understanding of the role, impact and strategic orientation of diversity.

MSLB 506 - Special Ethics Topics: Leadership in Sustainability and Business

This course addresses sustainability as a component of ethical business practice.  Balancing economic, social, and environmental interactions, business leaders must address ethical principles, environmental and social consequences, and obligations to future generations.  Models for sustainable enterprise will build on the decision making and stakeholder frameworks to address specific issues such as responsible investing, sustainable consumption, sustainable production, ecological economics, and sustainable business ethics, environmental management, and risk management.

MSLB 507 - Organizational Ethics

This course provides students with an in-depth look at the formal and informal initiatives, processes, and structures developed by business organizations and professional associations to address common ethical problems at work.  The applied focus of this course will prepare students for a career in the ethics field or enable them to participate in their organization’s efforts to promote ethics at work.  In addition, the role of the government (primarily in the U.S.) to remote ethical business conduct will be discussed.

MSLB 508 - Global Ethics

This course identifies and discusses differences and similarities in ethical values and principles found in the practice of organizations conducting business around the world.  In particular, comparisons of culture and religion, and their impact upon business operations, will be explored. Strategic opportunities emanating from cultural and religious differences will be developed to guide organizations conducting business in the global marketplace.