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Leadership Core Faculty

Bridget CalhounBridget Calhoun, DrPH, PA-C, Associate Professor
Bridget began her career as a physician assistant working in transplant surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. After becoming more interested in clinical research she enrolled in the Graduate School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh and eventually earned a doctoral degree in infectious diseases and microbiology. For the last 11 years, she’s worked in HIV/AIDS research and has published on several HIV related topics. Due to her experience in public health and HIV/AIDS, she’s traveled to four African countries and several European countries. In addition to presenting her work internationally, Dr. Calhoun has also taught graduate level courses for the past 15 years. At Duquesne University she is Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Physician Assistant Studies and teaches a course in Disparities in Healthcare.

Jerry GrovesGerald D. Groves, Ph.D., President, Interface Management International
Jerry has a Ph.D. in Public Administration from the University of Pittsburgh.  He is an adjunct professor who teaches global leadership, graduate capstone, as well as leadership and change management courses.  Dr. Groves provides international management consultation and directs program development worldwide, often taking him to the far ends of the globe.  He has worked internationally in forty-two countries in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.  He has an extensive background in human resource development, program assessment, and program design.  Dr. Groves has an international reputation as a leading consultant and master trainer. He has trained more than twenty thousand managers and senior technical specialists.

Janie FritzJanie M. Harden Fritz, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Communication & Rhetorical Studies
Janie is director of the B. A. and M.A. programs for the Department of Communication & Rhetorical Studies.  She completed the Ph.D. in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Fritz’s research focuses on communication processes that connect, sever, and restore the ties that bind individuals to the institutions of which they are a part. She is coeditor (with Dr. Becky L. Omdahl) of Problematic Relationships in the Workplace (Peter Lang Press, 2006) and co-author (with Dr. Ronald C. Arnett and Leeanne Bell) of Communication Ethics Literacy: Dialogue and Difference (Sage, 2009).   Dr. Fritz’s work has been published in Management Communication Quarterly, Journal of Business Ethics, Communication Research Reports, Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, Journal of Public Management and Social Policy, Journal of the Association for Communication Administration, Communication Monographs, Journal of Business Communication, and Journal of Mediated Communication, among others.

Stan KabalaStanley J. Kabala, Ph.D., Associate Director, Center for Environmental Research and Education
Stan has a Ph.D. in Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Kabala's extensive experience in international environmental affairs includes leadership in the design and delivery of various environmental training programs throughout Eastern Europe following the collapse of the Soviet Union. He has taught graduate level environmental science and management for over 10 years. His most recent work focuses on improving environmental management capabilities in the municipalities of southwestern Pennsylvania.

Kambiz MaaniKambiz Maani, Ph.D., Adjunct Instructor
Kambiz is chair of Systems Thinking and Practice at the University of Queensland (Australia). He is also Chair of The International Society for the Systems Sciences' International Committee for Systems Education. Professor Maani's academic and consulting career spans over 26 years in the USA, Asia, Australasia, and South America. He is an internationally acknowledged expert in systems thinking, organizational learning and leadership. Professor Maani's research focuses on complex systems, group decision making, managerial effectiveness, and collective learning in organizations. He is the recipient of several research and publication awards from international academic journals. His current consulting projects include strategy and policy design and implementation with several corporations and government agencies in Australia, New Zealand, China and South East Asia. Kambiz has published widely and has consulted to numerous organizations and governments worldwide.

Doug PenhallegonDoug Penhallegon, MA, Adjunct Instructor
Doug teaches in the History Department at Duquesne University in addition to the School of Leadership and Professional Advancement.  He has two Master's degrees from Duquesne, in History and in Liberal Studies.  His fields of expertise include contemporary Islamic-Western relations, Middle East politics, and peacebuilding.  Doug is the 2010-2011 Commonwealth Speaker for the Pennsylvania Humanities Council, where he offers public lectures on the debate over the supposed "clash of civilizations" between the Muslim and Western worlds.  He also earned a Certificate in National Security and Intelligence Studies from Point Park University.  He has taught history everywhere from below the flightdeck of an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf to a halfway house in Harlem, NY.

Abdullah Saleh MbambaAbdullah Saleh Mbamba, Adjunct Instructor
Abdullah Saleh Mbamba served as a United Nations Representative and Director of the United Nations Information Centre in Canberra, the official diplomatic representation of the United Nations in Australia which also covers New Zealand and the South Pacific states.  He was also Director of the United Nations Information Centre in Indonesia, and Director of the United Nations Information Centre in Pakistan responsible for the conduct of public diplomacy aimed at broadening the understanding of the United Nations work and concerns.  Since his retirement from the United Nations in 2008, Mr. Mbamba has worked as a Consultant for MB Petroleum in Muscat Oman, and is currently Director for Clean Up Australia Limited, an environmental organization that promotes and coordinates national and world wide clean up campaigns and other environmental activities. He has a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Liberal Studies from Duquesne, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Labor Studies from the State University of New York.

Terrell SeatonTerrell S. Seaton, Ph.D., Adjunct Instructor of Global Leadership
Terrell has a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University.  He is a professional trainer with more than ten years of experience as an instructor, administrator and counselor.  Terrell previously served as a regional judicatory minister for a religious denomination and as a military chaplain.  He has authored an array of publications and scholarly papers, and has delivered training programs on a range of topics.