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Healthcare Leadership Curriculum

The program structure provides for optimum convenience, flexibility, and strategic use of on-campus classes and virtual meetings. Here's what you can expect:

Three, day-long seminars on Duquesne's Pittsburgh campus each semester. Initially these will be scheduled on Saturdays, but they may be changed to accommodate student work schedules.

Virtual learning experiences to include: asynchronous activities such as online discussions, individual assignments, and small group projects - together with weekly webinars that provide regular touch points with faculty. Webinars will be scheduled on a weekday evening mutually convenient to students.

Ongoing professional development and portfolio-building opportunities. Each semester, one or more events will be planned to expand students' horizons around career opportunities in healthcare and prepare them to create and navigate a career path that is right for them.

  • Leadership in the Healthcare Environment
  • Strategic Leadership in Healthcare Delivery
  • Leading and Managing People in Healthcare
  • Operations Management in Healthcare Delivery
  • Organizational Behavior in Healthcare
  • Financial Management in Healthcare Delivery
  • Leading Quality Improvement in Healthcare
  • Legal and Ethical Issues for Healthcare Leaders
  • Leading Healthcare Policy Change and Innovation
  • Leading IT Integration in Healthcare
  • Networked Leadership and the Continuum of Care
  • The Healthcare Leadership Challenge: Colloquium Project

Courses subject to change