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Sports Leadership Course Descriptions

MSSP 501 - Strategic Sales Management and Negotiation

This course will provide a knowledge base in planning, organizing, motivating and controlling sports organizations.  The content of this course will help in the development of skills necessary to manage organizations in the sports industry including marketing firms, licensing agencies, major retailers, professional sports organizations and sporting venues.

MSSP 503 - Legal Issues for Leaders in Sports

This course will cover regulation in the sports industry including regulations, collective bargaining and codes of industry conduct. In addition, royalties, rights and licensing issues will be covered.

MSSP 504 - Competitive Intelligence

This course examines the methods used by business management to obtain the information needed to support marketing decisions; selection of target market, design of product, distribution, promotion and pricing policy.  These methods include exploratory (qualitative) research, conclusive (quantitative) research, sampling theory and application, and various statistical techniques used to support marketing research.

MSSP 505 - Business Ethics in Sports

This course examines the contemporary social, economic, international, political and technological forces in the external environment which present ethical dilemmas in the contemporary sports profession.  A practical emphasis is utilized throughout the course.  The place of personal ethics and shared organizational culture is explored.

MSSP 506 - Strategic Sports Marketing

This course will provide an intensive evaluation of marketing techniques and promotional strategy.  In addition, the topical coverage will include the marketing mix, new product strategy and services, interactive promotion, event marketing, and value-added marketing.

MSSP 507 - Case Studies in Sports Business

The course will focus on specialized areas of interest in the form of a practicum designed by the instructor or the individual student.  This course provides an opportunity for the student to pursue special areas of interest in sports marketing and management covering major issues in specific sports venues or the sports industry in general.

MLLS 750 - Leadership in Sports Management

This course examines the development of leadership in sports and the keys to success and techniques for business development using sports marketing. The course will reference leadership traits of sports industry leaders necessary to building a winning team, along with sporting issues and their impact on sports leadership.