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In the graduate colloquium course, students are guided in designing and developing a substantial research project that incorporates significant learning from their program.

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Master of Science in Leadership

Pursue Your Passion


Duquesne University of Pittsburgh, PA prides itself in offering degrees of distinction. The School of Leadership and Professional Advancement offers unique graduate degrees for people who want to make a difference: in their careers, in their personal lives, in their communities . . . in the world. Choosing Duquesne is more than learning the course materials. It is learning how to apply this information to positively impact your life and career. It's also the choice that matches your values as well as it does your educational goals.

Duquesne's School of Leadership Master's programs benefits include:

  • Taking classes entirely online or on alternating Saturdays
  • Learning from distinguished faculty with academic and professional expertise
  • Flexibility to start in August, January, or May
  • No required entrance exams (GRE or GMAT)

Master's Degree Concentrations

Some people may think of leadership as being "one size fits all," but that's not the way we see it. We know that every leader faces unique circumstances, which is why we offer flexible Master of Science in Leadership degree programs in: Professional Administration - The Master of Science in Leadership, Concentration in Professional Administration (MSPA) program is ideal for those who want to ensure that companies run smoothly. Our students learn how to take on supervisory roles, generate organizational change and resolve conflicts. Students obtaining a Master's in Professional Administration take courses in administration, accounting and leadership ethics.

Business Ethics - Students pursuing the Master of Science in Leadership, concentration in Business Ethics (MSLBE) enhance the skills of organizational leaders in a variety of fields. Ethics courses include global ethics, information ethics, conflict resolution, organizational ethics and others.

Community Leadership - Those involved in the Master of Science in Leadership, concentration in Community Leadership (MSCL) program strive to make an impact on society, rather than in business. MSCL students learn about community change, governing organizations, collaboration and working together.

Global Leadership - Our Master of Science in Leadership, concentration in Global Leadership (MSGL) students want to make a significant impact on the world at large. Online global leadership training enhances students' understanding of global issues through courses in human rights, global politics, international communication and more.

Information Technology - The Master of Science in Leadership, concentration in Information Technology (MSLIT) program serves anyone with a flair for technology. Matching these skills with a desire to ensure efficient IT operations in the business world, our MSLIT students develop the abilities to think strategically, improve IT knowledge and more, all while engaging in courses in system analysis, ethics and project management.

Leadership in Mission - The Master of Science in Leadership degree, concentration in Leadership in Mission (MSLM) is a special international program offered to religious women around the world and is hosted in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. It is not available for open enrollment. Students integrate their religious lives with professional development to improve both management and leadership effectiveness. They learn through a combination of prayer and courses in resource mobilization and leadership in global mission.

Liberal Studies - The Master of Science in Leadership, concentration in Liberal Studies (MLLS) focuses on human behavior and human nature and emphasizes social responsibility. Liberal Studies program students develop stronger teamwork skills, learn to communicate within multiple levels of organizations and more through courses in spiritual leadership and humanistic leadership.

Professional Administration - The Master of Science in Leadership, Concentration in Professional Administration (MSPA) program is designed for professionals who are ready to move to the next level. MSPA students learn about organizational operations and change plans, communications, conflict resolution, finance, and more.

Sports Leadership - The Master of Science in Sports Leadership (MSSL) is an online master's program designed for those who want to positively impact the sports industry. Sports Leadership focuses heavily on management and ethics; courses in sales management, business ethics and sports marketing provide the groundwork for a successful career.

Regardless of which program interests you, they all demonstrate the excellence in education that makes your Duquesne education a degree of distinction. Leadership courses are offered with adult learners in mind. Many School of Leadership and Professional Advancement programs include both evening and Saturday class sessions.

"The School of Leadership and Professional Advancement afforded me the opportunity to participate in a dynamic program with other leaders that enriched my overall experience in my current career. The curriculum was a great mix of courses that enhanced my business, legal, human resource, ethical and leadership skills. The program was an unforgettable experience that prepared me further for the next step of my career and life in general."

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dis•tinc•tion [dih-stingk-shuhn]
a distinguishing quality or characteristic.