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Personal Effectiveness Webinar Series

The School of Leadership and Professional Advancement offers a webinar series on ‘Personal Effectiveness'. These webinars are free to alumni, students, staff and friends of Duquesne University.  All webinars are held noon to 1 p.m. EST.

April 2 - Manage Technology So That It Doesn't Manage You

Facilitator: Sonia Layne-Gartside, Academic Project Manager

Multitasking (the myth) is actually rapid task switching. It has become a way of life, and comes with a cost. Recovery time can be detrimental. Our family members, friends, clients, colleagues, and employers have developed expectations for rapid responses. How do we maintain the boundaries when we juggle work-life balance? How can we manage the connective technology so that it empowers us and does not impair us? Tune in to see what research is indicating and gather tips on establishing a mindful way to maintain work-life balance and technology.

April 30 - Communicating With Key Stakeholders On Project

Facilitator: David McGeehan, Executive Director of Learning Management Systems and Program Innovation

A key element of sustaining any project is to communicate with stakeholders effectively and to engage them as early on as possible with the project. This session will show you how to develop a communications and stakeholder engagement strategy and plan to ensure project team success.

May 28 - Leaders Navigating Change

Facilitator: Sonia Layne-Gartside, Academic Project Manager

This session is focused on understanding workplace change and learning how you can thrive, both career-wise and personally, in what can be a turbulent environment. It will help you develop ways to personally approach workplace change and manage your stress and attitudes associated with this issue.

June 25 - Developing and Managing Learning Programs

Facilitator: Mark Prestopnik, Assistant Director of Learning Management

Have you ever thought about personally developing learning opportunities for you and your team? With this session, we highlight the critical leadership skills necessary to develop learning opportunities and programs. How to go about learning new things, collaborating with people and exploring new possibilities. If you want to learn how to create high-quality, interactive, courses (online or in the classroom), then this session is for you.

July 30 - Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Facilitator: Sonia Layne-Gartside, Academic Project Manager

Recent studies have shown that emotional intelligence is a powerful key to effective leadership - it can have a profound effect on a person's ability to create more collaborative, rewarding, and satisfying workplace relationships. In this webinar you will learn how to evaluate your current level of emotional intelligence, understand how your emotions affect others - and how their emotions affect you, and identify your communication strengths and weaknesses. Learn why Emotional Intelligence is so important to your career. Learn how to interact, communicate, and collaborate successfully with all types of people.

August 13 - Military to Business Leadership Connections

Facilitator: Don Accamando, Director Military Education Programs

This session will highlight how the School of Leadership caters to veterans, and will promote the strengths veterans bring to the workplace, (leadership, diversity, direct communication).

September 17- Women Need Mentors: How to Find, AND Be a Mentor

Facilitator: Erroline Williams, Director, Professional Development and Corporate Outreach

Women can benefit from having mentor AND from being mentors. Studies have found that mentoring is widely considered a critical component to career success. Mentoring can provide valuable opportunities for both the mentor and the protégé to grow, develop, and gain a broader perspective about their career and life. Mentoring relationships are especially important for a women's success since they often face challenges in building social capital at work. The concept of mentoring presents a tremendous advantage to a woman's career mobility and increases her contributions in the workplace and beyond. SO - the answer profoundly is to Find AND Be a Mentor - it really works!

October 29 - Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Facilitator: Julie Dougherty Hudak, Business and Budget Manager

A general overview of the finance function is provided to help you gain the accounting savvy you need to plan budgets, justify requests and make better management decisions.

November 26 - Strategic Thinking in A Changing World

Facilitator: Sonia Layne-Gartside, Academic Project Manager

Amidst the turbulence of today's global economy, leaders need to find ways of uncovering opportunities to create value for their organizations. Strategic thinking is therefore a much needed and required skill for a leader, as it informs and determines the input to your strategic plan. This webinar explores the six things that executives need to do well to strengthen their ability to think strategically. Leaders who excel at strategic thinking, not only understand the fundamental drivers of their business but that a dialog must often be held to challenge conventional thinking about those drivers.

December 19 - Personal Branding

Facilitator: Megan Carone, Marketing Coordinator

Learn how to build a powerful personal brand that will differentiate you and allow you to compete in today's competitive work environment.