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    Duquesne University, School of Leadership and Professional Advancement Bachelor's Degrees are designed to meet the needs of working adults.

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    Accelerated Bachelor's Degree

    Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts - It's Your Choice

    The 120-credit program includes a 33-credit University core, 9-credit School of Leadership core, your 36-credit major, and 42 elective credits. Start by choosing a major:

    Students who choose Duquesne University are extremely diverse, but they do have some things in common. They value a quality education and they want a school that is big enough to offer lots of academic choices but small enough that they receive personal attention. They want a university that focuses on values and engagement as much as education.

    If you're that kind of student, keep reading for more about what Duquesne University, School of Leadership and Professional Advancement in Pittsburgh has to offer and what you can contribute as a part of our vibrant learning community.

    Why College and Why Duquesne?

    Everyone knows that a bachelor's degree can open new doors to a satisfying and rewarding career. That's why you've decided that a college degree is your next step. Now you want a university that meets not only your educational goals but considers your busy lifestyle. Choosing Duquesne University helps you build a strong foundation for both your career and your life while earning an undergraduate degree that employers view as a degree of distinction.

    Now is the perfect time to begin working toward your degree. Our program has been designed for busy students offering both depth and flexibility, including evening and weekend college courses. We've updated our majors and there are more transfer credit opportunities. So whichever options you choose, you'll gain the skills that are important to employers.

    Choose Accelerated Courses

    The academic year is structured in an eight-week term format, with five terms per year, giving you time to take care of the other important aspects of your life.

    If you're starting anew, you'll probably complete your degree in about 4 years. If you have either an associate's degree or 60 transfer credits, you can expect to complete the program in about 2 years.

    Benefit from Programs and Services Designed for Adult Undergraduate Degree Candidates

    • Flexible payment options including corporate tuition deferment
    • Online library, writing center and other support services

    As a student, you'll join a peer-learning network of adults representing the community, corporate, nonprofit and military sectors. As a graduate, you'll join a Duquesne alumni network of more than 84,000 worldwide. The first step to joining that network is to learn more about Duquesne University's School of Leadership and Professional Advancement.

    "I cannot tell you how much I have LOVED my Duquesne experience. It is the best thing I have ever done."

    - Sherri Kremen, American Express

    Read about David and Benjamin White, a father and son who recently graduated.

    In college, you learn how to learn. Four years is not too much time to spend at that.

    - Mary Oliver