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Humane Leadership Curriculum

When choosing an educational program, it can be tempting to find one that focuses solely on the area of interest. While that may reinforce your passion, it can lead to tunnel vision. At Duquesne University, our programs focus on the right blend of core courses and those that match your personal interests and goals. In the Humane Leadership program you complete:

University Core Curriculum - 33 credits

School of Leadership Core Curriculum - 9 credits

Humane Leadership Courses - 36 credits
  • First Strike: Cruelty to Animals and Int. Violence
  • Introduction to Non-Profit Leadership
  • Fundraising Basics for Non-Profit Organizations
  • Studies in Humane Education
  • Animal Health and Behavior in Shelter Environment
  • Human Resource and Volunteer Development
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Strategic Planning and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Animal Protection as a Social Movement
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Nonprofit Boards of Directors
  • Current Topics in Animal Sheltering
Electives - 42 credits