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Humane Leadership Format

Times change. And Duquesne University has changed with them. We understand that an on-campus education doesn't work for everyone. That is why the Humane Leadership program is available completely online-no campus visits are required.

That might lead some people to believe that it is a less rigorous option. They would be wrong. Our online courses are highly structured and academically challenging. While students are not expected to be online at any specific times, there are clear expectations and guidelines for a high level of participation. In fact, the classes cover the equivalent curriculum and workload and are taught by the same faculty as on-campus courses, assuring you-and your future employers-that you have completed a solid, valuable, effective program.

In terms of logistics, your Bachelor's degree program courses are offered in five, eight-week terms per year. They begin in August, October, January, March and May.

Girl with CatIf you follow a traditional approach, you can complete the program in the same four years that an on-campus degree would require. If you have already earned an associate's degree or are able to transfer credits from another program (up to 60), you may be able to complete the degree in just two years. Regardless of where you stand, your personal advisor will look at the education and life experience you bring to the program to develop an efficient degree plan that's not stamped from a mold but created just for you.

And we stay with you through every day of your program with a range of student services that include learning support and online access to Duquesne's library.

It's a program that meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go, walking with you on every step of your journey.