School of Leadership and Professional Advancement

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School of Leadership Core Curriculum

CPRG 101 - Adult Transition Seminar

This course introduces the adult student to the college environment while sharpening and enhancing the skills necessary for academic success. Selected readings from many disciplines will be followed by a variety of writing assignments. Other exercises will be included which will focus on developing skills in writing, reasoning, and critical thinking.

CPRO 105 - Information Literacy For Adult Learners

This course introduces students to information literacy skills for academic success and lifelong learning.  By completing a variety of course assignments, students will learn how to use information technology to find and access information appropriate for their needs.  They will also hone their critical thinking skills to evaluate information in different contexts.  Other class activities will focus on using information ethically and effectively.

CLDR 405W - Leadership and Social Change

This course explores values and skills that allow leaders to make a positive impact on the societies in which they live. With a central theme of leadership, Duquesne University students in the School of Leadership and Professional Advancement ask themselves in this course how the skills they have developed are preparing them to address the social injustices they see in their world. The course is writing-intensive and integrates service-learning into ideas surrounding leadership and social change.