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Power & Control: Domestic Violence in America (2010)

Wednesday, January 28

Director: Peter Cohn
Run time: 64 minutes

With the recent US economic collapse, domestic violence statistics show a sharp increase in violence against women around the country. States are closing shelters and cutting programs. Yet the mainstream media ignores domestic violence, except when there are celebrity incidents, (OJ, Rihanna, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, etc . In the meantime, more spouses have been killed by their partners in the past several years than soldiers have been killed in Iraq.

Power and Control is a documentary film that addresses a life and death issue during a time of urgent crisis. The film is a timely and comprehensive exploration of physical and emotional abuse in our society, as refracted through the story of Kim Mosher, a Duluth, MN mother of three.
In the summer of 2008, Kim, 30, packed her daughters into her PT Cruiser and left her abusive husband. She had sworn she would never do it; she would hang on to the marriage at any cost. But now that her husband was yelling at the kids and hitting them, there was no choice. So she drove away from 10 years of emotional and physical abuse in her home in Wabasha, MN and headed for Duluth.

Kim was lucky enough to find a welcoming embrace at the Safe Haven battered women's shelter, where she recovered from the difficult final weeks leading up to her escape. Her strength and inner resources were instantly apparent

(Source: Official film site, http://www.powerandcontrolfilm.com/)


Nicole Molinaro Karaczun
Director of Services, Women's Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh