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Bioethics beyond Borders brings together bioethicists, academics, health professionals and policymakers to volunteer worldwide to promote the application of a human rights based approach to bioethics around the world.

The organization:

  • advocates the implementation and application of bioethical principles across the world
  • identifies cases, problems and issues mainly in poor and low income countries to help individuals throughout the world receive health care in just and ethical ways
  • offers ethical guidance to hospitals and organizations throughout the world
  • gives recommendations and advice to policymaking bodies and NGOs that reach out to individuals on national and international level, especially those working with vulnerable populations
  • assists in the creation of standards and guidelines for the delivery of healthcare and the performance of research in an ethical manner
  • educates and offers teaching to individuals and organizations interested in the implementation and application of bioethical principles
  • stimulates public debate on bioethical issues
  • encourages professional responses to bioethical challenges and questions
  • proposes if necessary, remedial action as well as appropriate measures and policies.



Building bioethics capacity around the world for universal application of bioethical principles