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2018 Catholic Health Association's Theology and Ethics Colloquium Scholarship

Congratulations to Persis Naumann and Evangel Sarwar for receiving the scholarship award to the Catholic Health Association's Theology and Ethics Colloquium.

The Jewish Healthcare Foundation Death and Dying Feinstein Fellowship for Spring Semester, 2018.

Congratulations to Jasia Baig and Evangel Sarwar for their recent acceptances into the JHF/HCF Fellowship.

The Jewish Healthcare Foundations' and Health Careers' Futures' Jonas Salk Health Activist Fellowship 2017

Congratulations to Evangel Sarwar for her recent acceptance into the Jonas Salk Fellowship 2017.

The Jewish Healthcare Foundation Feinstein Fellowship for the Summer, 2017

Congratulations to Persis Naumann, Jasia Baig, and Hande Atalay for their recent acceptances into the JHF/HCF Fellowship.

Jonas Salk Fellowship: Fall 2015

Ph.D. student, Daniel Hurst, has been awarded the Jonas Salk Fellowship. The 2015 Salk Fellowship will consider solutions to major population health problems through four problem-solving lenses:

Social advocacy: Ignite a social movement around a positive vision
Crisis management: Mobilize a coordinated response with urgency
Predictive modeling: Target interventions and simulate the outcomes
Disruptive innovation: Create technology solutions

Using each of these problem-solving lenses, the Fellowship will propose solutions to serious and persistent health problems. The Fellows will work in teams to define their group's problem with guidance from a topic expert in the first session. Each subsequent session will focus on one of the problem-solving lenses and include a presentation by a community expert about the lens and then a group activity to apply it to the teams' problems. At the December 3rd finale, the Fellows will present proposals for each of the problems to help inform our community's action plan.

JHF/HCF Fellowship on Death and Dying

Congratulations to Thomas Gerkin and Barbara Postol for their recent acceptances into the JHF/HCF Fellowship on Death and Dying.

Jewish Healthcare Foundation Fellowship: Summer 2015

Ph.D. students, Natalie Dick and Carrie Stott, have been accepted into the Jewish Healthcare Foundation Patient Safety Fellowship. This fellowship provides to opportunity to collaborate with other disciplines to learn and apply quality improvement methodology for patient care.